Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Behind Brexit

RSI – 19/03/2019

There are many reasons to explain why many British citizens, especially in England, voted for Brexit.
Nostalgia for the empire, the intolerance of some politicians for the rules decided in Brussels, but also anger and frustration for the long economic crisis, above all in the less developed areas in some parts of England.
If you go north from London, avoiding big cities and urban areas, you enter another country, where many people used the 2016 referendum to tell politicians they do not like the status quo.
Europe was just a passing victim, for them Brexit simply meant “we want things to change”.
Among these areas is Nottinghamshire, in the East Midlands, once a land of mines and of a very rich textile industry (the miners of this region led the strikes against Margareth Thatcher in the mid-1980s).

The radio documentary In the heart of Brexit, in Italian, was produced for RSI (Swiss National Public Radio and Television) in the Ashfield District, half an hour from Nottingham, where in 2016 70% of the population voted for Brexit. Here you can get an idea of people’s hopes and fears regarding their own future, the relationship with Europe included.