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Catalonia. Point of no return

Radio Popolare – 02/10/2017

Catalonia’s drive for independence in 2017 plunges Spain into its biggest political crisis for 40 years.
The referendum, on October 1, represents the most critical moment in relations between Madrid and Barcelona since the fall of the Franco regime. The tension has never been higher.
On one hand the Catalan government has decided to hold the referendum even though it had been declared illegal by Spanish courts. On the other hand the Spanish government has sent police to polling stations to close them by force, often after violently attacking those who resisted peacefully. It’s impossible to tell what will happen now, definitely the independence referendum marks a before and an after.

Primo ottobre, la rottura finale, written from Barcelona for Radio Popolare, contains my first reflections at the end of the day that will profoundly affect the future of this region …