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Libya, without justice

RSI – 25/10/2021

“Whoever kidnapped and killed my comrades is still around, free. We do not want a new war, but the anger is very strong, this country needs justice “.
Fathi speaks on the rubble of his home, in Tarhouna, less than a hundred kilometers south of Tripoli. After fighting Gaddafi, Fathi also rebelled against a local clan, the Kanie family, who ruled Tarhouna until the summer of 2020, imposing a real regime of terror.
Ten years after the fall of Gaddafi the Libyans are still afraid, but they are beginning to speak up and denounce the repeated human rights violations.
Complaints always have something in common: those responsible have never had to answer for their actions. The power vacuum caused by the fall of the regime in 2011 also led to the absence of a judicial system, while the large amount of weapons in the streets means that criminals are even more powerful than those who should apply the law.
As often happens in conflict or post-conflict societies impunity risks becoming the main obstacle to peace and reconciliation.
In the radio documentary Libya, Impunity (in Italian), produced in the North African country for RSI (Swiss National Public Radio and Television), victims of human rights violations and legal practitioners tell the challenge facing the country when it’s trying to move on…