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De-radicalisation in Saudi Arabia. A real process?

RSI – 31/10/2018

Global public opinion holds Saudi Arabia responsible for the dissemination of Islamic extremism around the world. A claim firmly rejected by Saudi authorities, who explain they are developing different programmes on de-radicalisation, from the reform of the educational system to the psychological rehabilitation of their citizens convicted of terrorism offences. In 2018 I went to Riyadh to answer some questions about Islamic extremism and de-radicalisation in Saudi Arabia.
On the one hand I discovered the reality was much more complex than what was told on international media and claimed by Western officials, on the other hand I met many people opposed to the new policies on the Islamic religion.

Here you can listen to the radio documentary Deradicalizzazione. La scommessa saudita, I produced for RSI (Swiss National Public Radio and Television)…