Friday, June 21, 2024

Libya. The cage

RSI – 03/03/2019

The Triq Al Sika detention center in Tripoli is one of the largest governmental detention centers for migrants in all of Libya. Hundreds of people live in inhumane conditions, and as soon as they understand that you are coming from Europe they immediately ask you to help them escape. Many were brought here after attempting to cross the Mediterranean.

The centers managed by the authorities in Tripoli, who are recognized by the United Nations even though they only control a small part of the country, host a few thousand people, while according to humanitarian organizations throughout Libya there are currently between 700 and 800 thousand migrants.

In the Triq Al Sika camp, the one that the Libyan Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency has allowed us to visit, the men live in a large cage.

Here you can watch the video report I produced (with videomaker Claudio Enrico Maggiolini) for RSI (Swiss National Public Radio and Television)…

Video reportage: Triq Al Sika migrant detention centre, Libya